My Beautiful New Grandson

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I adore aprons. This is one I "dolled up" for a swap. I am so happy that they have once again become popular! Whether they are handmade, vintage, embellished, or a bit of each, they are fun and functional. For me of course it's the nostalgia of an apron, and the women who wore them in by-gone times that makes me ponder. Who doesn't think of a mom, grandma, or even great grandma in her kitchen frying chicken, or pulling a perfect pie out of the oven? Aprons are now worn as fashion, and they look fabulous! My waist however is not as small as it use to be. Still, one day I want my grandchildren tugging on my apron strings, which will be firmly knotted with my heartstrings.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

How many times have we read, quoted, or even during troubled times, scoffed at this simple phrase? It has been around for generations. Stitched into samplers, and hung on walls, and even whispered to nervous brides as they were being carried over the threshold by new husbands. Soldiers in the trenches surely dreamed of it.

I love this simple and sweet phrase, very popular during the Victorian era. Now at the end of a very troubled marriage, I look forward to it once again.

Monday, April 5, 2010

On my way to Bryanna

I am so so new to blogging. I see so many warm and wonderful blogs created by other women, and wanted to join this magical and creative world!!! One of my new friends Bryanna at The Canary's Cupcake (You can find her blog link on the right) has sent me so many gorgeous things I wanted to send her something in return. Giving is so important to me, whether it's to my family or friends, giving begins at home. The pics below are few things I will be tucking into my new found friend's package.
I am constantly amazed by the creations I see being made and shared. It is beyond inspiring. It can also be a bit addicting when you start searching through blogs! SO many blogs, so little time!!

I am now thoroughly addicted to making jewelry and charms. My only problem is I LOVE all the supplies and want to hoard them!! Heehee!!
I had a great time making the roses that go on the bracelet. They are actually made by melting tulle and organza over a flame. Once you start making them, it is so fun, and the transformation so amazing, that you have to make yourself stop. (Well, I do!!!)