My Beautiful New Grandson

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What we know of love begins at home~

Home!! Besides Love, what other 4 letters strung together can conjure up such happy emotions?? It is our universe as babies. As toddlers it's a small kingdom of which we rule with wooden spoon scepters and upside down bowls upon downy heads as crowns. Home is where Mama is. With her loving smile, and gentle guidance. A person who's kiss can make any ouchie better. Who laughs at our pudgy toes and and wipes our sticky faces. Home is the place we long to rest after a busy day of playing peek a boo and stacking blocks.Where special bedtime stories are read. Cuddled close, safe and warm. Beautiful eyes begin to close, soft breaths and sleep. This is the just the beginning of what we know as home.


  1. Your blog looks great... love it... and am adding you to my sidebar as favorite places to daydream so I can keep up with you...



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