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Friday, November 12, 2010

FREE image Friday............................................

Happy Friday Dear Friends!
It really feels like Winter has arrived! The cold nights, and frost kissed branches sparkle in the early morning's thin sun. The perfect weather for drinking mugs of spiced tea or hot cocoa WITH whipped cream, while reading or creating.

Candles and oil lamps add visual warmth as well. I love the way candlelight sparkles off a prism, and it's soothing to watch the flickering shadows dance on walls and ceilings.

I hope with all your daily stress you are able to take time and enjoy the small things. Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy this weeks offerings. Remember too if you are looking for a certain type of images, please ask, I may have it!


  1. Thank you for sharing your images with us today.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Lovely images, thank you. I especially adore the last one.

  3. What a darling images! Thank you!

  4. Love these images. Yes.I have two bottles of mulled wine stashed away as we speak. Have yourself a lovely Weekend too.

  5. Oh yes, i hear you there..and I raise you another mug of hot cocoa..I think I have like three a day's my new phase!

    great images you share...and I love what you were working on last is brilliant! gorgeous!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Such lovely wintry thoughts, my dear friend...and what gorgeous images you're sharing today! I really love them all!

    Hope you're staying cozy and warm with your sweet family....and I cocoa DEFINITELY requires whipped cream!

    Talk to you later...


    p.s. Your sweet comments always make me're so funny!

  7. Love the awesome pics you share with us, as allways! Paris is rainy and cold, we will have a glass of nice wine in stead of the hot chocolate... without the whipped cream! Have a nice weekend!

  8. Oh I do love your winter scene, it does make you think of all things snuggly. We had a very hot day yesterday, in the 30's celsius (or 90 Fahrenheit perhaps in your language) Then a cool change and today it is raining and cool. My little garden is very grateful for the rain.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  9. Where do you find these? Very nice and thank you.

  10. as always...these are gorgeous. i'm really lovin that last one....can't wait to work with it! Merci...merci...merci!

  11. What a beautiful post!!

    And thank you for the sweet images!

  12. I love the images you shared today. The little girl with the blue bag is my fav and so cute. TFS Nan

  13. Hi sweetie! thank you for your nice comment about my unexpected win! I really thought I wouldn't win because I pretty much have everything I need in my Mom cave I just need to amp it up a bit with lighting.
    I love your banner by the way, its adorable.
    I hope life has settled down for you again and life is sweeter than ever!

  14. Hi Jody, Your necklace is just beautiful. I am so excited you are in, the Marie Group, I can't wait to have you join some wonderful swaps. See you there. Hugs, Terri

  15. Jody, thanks for your comment and il would be an honour to me if you use this idea!

  16. WOW! Great give away, beautiful free images and gorgeous blog!
    THANKS for your sweet comment on my guest blogger post at Vicki's :)

  17. Really nice pics!! Have a great weekend! Stay warm and the giveaways are beautiful!

  18. Hi Jody,
    What darling pics! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.

  19. Hi Jody, thanks so much for sharing your lovely images! A cup of hot chocolate does sound good... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  20. Gorgeous vintage images!!! Thanks for sharing these!
    Have a great week!

  21. thx for these Jody!
    now that i've joined the victorian tea lovers corner, there are plenty of opps to use images such as yours - as to others, wondering if you have any of victorian christmas or teatimes?
    MUCH appreciation & for sharing..
    if interested, you're certainly invited to create your own corner with the group...

  22. Thanks for the free images and for stopping by to visit my blog! I love your occupation on your profile!

    Hugs, Carrie


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