My Beautiful New Grandson

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello Lovelies!!
It has been an electronic nightmare at the Ol' H and H home. My computer was infected, crashed or invaded. So hopefully it looks like things may be back to normal. Now maybe I can post the promised giveaway in a day or two. Until then please enjoy this image of "how I see myself" and my little grandson in the future. Hugs to all!!

From my Home and Heart to yours,


  1. I have had that happen twice and it always hapens at the most awkward of times. You just don't realise how much the pc and the web is entwinned into our lives. Hope you are all sorted now and good to go. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Now that image is too cute!!! I have had my PC crash and infected so many times that last year after the last time, ai bought a MAC! Now I'm crash and virus free...Oh how I love my MAC! Hope everything is better now....

  3. I think you will make a cool grandma! :) Have a great day!

  4. That really stinks. Glad to hear you are back up and running. :)

  5. such a fun image! I hope you're back in blogtown!!

  6. SO sorry about your computer woes, Jody! They are SOOOOOO frustrating!

    Love that image, and I adore your sense of humor, my friend!

    Hope today is better in every way...


  7. so sorry for your technical woes. hope you are up and running like new real soon. love that image! so cute! :)

  8. What a delightful image! Hope you get things squared away... I love your blog!

  9. Oh, how awful on the crash! Good luck with getting it all back to normal.

  10. I LOVE that image!!!

    Good luck with the computer!

  11. Not much worse electronically than a computer crash. Hope all is well now!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  12. Sometimes... I want to say...
    Computer's! "BAH HUMBUG!!", Regarding the Grandma on skates...Take my advice, Kneepads, helmet, OR a bodysuit made entirely of bubble wrap. I am finding that my body(at least with mine) does not have the recovery power as it once had! Love to you and your family!

  13. Jody~
    Love the baby!! How special!! Computers can be so frustrating. My issues seem to be our new internet server; we keep losing internet for hours at a time! Can't wait to hear about your new giveaway!

  14. Oh gosh, so sorry about your computer woes! Hopefully you will be safe for a while now.
    Your new grandson is totally an angel! You must be over the moon!

    I look forward to hearing about your upcoming giveaway. I am having one too!


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