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Friday, July 9, 2010

FREE Image (Uh'hem) Friday

Okay. I should just rename this free image Saturday. I haven't been home the last two days, trying to finish up at my mom's. I have come to hate boxes, packing, and cleaning! Not to mention I am going through blog withdrawal! It is still going to be a couple more days. Please forgive me for not getting to you sweeties sooner, I still owe messages and packages, and I WILL get back to you! Thank you SO much to everyone for being so kind, and thoughtful during this rough patch. You have really made me feel better.


  1. I am so sorry to read of your marriage break up. I have experienced that and know how stressful and difficult it is especially when children are involved. I wish you strength and hope. The camping situation must have been very hard to deal with!
    Those pictures are really pretty.
    Take care, you will get through this.
    Isabelle x

  2. Jody, I have such a fondness for rose greeting cards. Thanks for sharing this beautiful one. You mush check out a new group on Flickr called Vintage Florals (group) Heavenly! Again, thank you for my wonderful gifts! Elizabeth

  3. Well first, let me just tell you it was good to finally get your posting back on my blog. Apparently blogger is fixed and my MIA posts' are reappearing for me:)
    Just wanted to stop by and see what you've been up to. Just keep in mind, it will calm down and the boxes will be gone and all that cleaning will be worth it when you can sit back and just breathe!
    Hugs dear friend, Terry

  4. These are beuaitufl. Thanks for sharing these with all of us. Hope all is well for you. Thinking about you.

  5. Dear Jody...I'm so sorry I haven't been around much the last few weeks...(still on vacation). I'm so sad at all you're going through right now. I've just read through your last few posts, and found in them so much beauty combined with your sadness. You're a strong woman, I can tell. Sharing so much beauty with those around you while you're going through so much yourself. The beauty will help heal you...

    Hoping things will feel better very soon. You'll be in my prayers.


  6. Jody
    I am keeping you in my prayers. I know you are going through a really difficult time so I will pray for strength and wisdom and most of all peace. Please take time for yourself sweetie. You were so thoughtful to be putting these free images on with everything going on in your life....thank you.

  7. Jody,
    I just came over from Elizabeth's ( Creative Breathing)....and what a treat! I just love your blog and images! Please come by and say hello! E and I have a lot in common...we both love the colors and the images of the past and Mary Englebreit! It is nice to meet you! Sandy

  8. love your pictures!!!!!! have a great weekend!!!!

  9. Thank you for your sweet comments ! your blog is so charming and lovely, awesome creations and beautiful images ! wish you a great sunny Sunday !

  10. Thanks for sharing this cuties and I wish you all the best with all the jobs you really don't wanna do. Hang in there!


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