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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

I have had a hard weekend. As some of you know from other posts, it is the end of my second marriage. I am trying to move out of our house into my new place, as well as cleaning out my mom's home.

My two eldest boys are with their dad, and my youngest was to spend the last half with his dad. Needless to say I am a bit down and feeling very melancholy, and yet it gets worse.

My husband (we haven't even filed separation papers yet) brings the girl he is spending the weekend with over to OUR house to pick up my son.*SURPRISE*

They are all staying together with some other friends camping. It goes without saying I have SERIOUS issues with this. My son, his dad, and the girlfriend in the same tent besides.

Well to make a very long, weepy story short, a wonderful RAK package arrived from Elizabeth
Her creations are just wonderful and she is a master story teller. A true gift, that cheered me up when I needed it. It's a darling flamingo that reminds me so of my mom. She hosted a party for her girlfriends usually in July. It was a tropical theme with LOTS of flamingos. So luckily I found the red bracelet (I was making it with Elizabeth in mind) and finished my other "Wednesday" projects, to send to her.

My apologies for the long post. I needed to vent. I'd usually call my mom, and I think every person I know is out of town. Thanks for the listening ear!!


  1. I'm sending your a "cyber" shoulder to vent on! I've only recently found your blog and wasn't really aware of what was going on in your life. I hope all things get easier for you soon.


  2. I can really empathise with how you are feeling right now,keep going and believe you'll get through it. I often feel that I need to let off steam to someone,anyone. Don't feel alone just let off steam online and your bloggy friends will support you. Now go and eat a yummy cake, have a cup of coffee and face the day.
    Lots of smiles,

  3. Sending you love too! Bless your heart:) I am sorry it is such a crappy weekend. I have been following you for a little while and didn't realize. Sending you hugs also:) ~Shelley O.

  4. HI. I am so sorry. Geez, why does life have to be so hard. It is so much harder when you have children. Yeah, ELizabeth for cheering you up. Here are some (((((HUGS))))) from me.

  5. I was divorced, once, and remember spending many nights crying in the bathtub....I would feel the same way about the "girlfriend" camping thing...I'm a good listener and you can email me!!!Try to do something just for YOU everyday!! That is so important.
    Elizabeth is a sweetie and the flamingo makes me smile. I love her pearl legs!!
    Take care.
    Deb :)

  6. I'm so sorry you have to suffer through this. I remember a 4th of July weekend many years ago that my son (then about 6 years old) was spending with my ex husband. Chris called sometime during the late afternoon to tell me he was having a great time at the bar(!!!!) with his dad, hiding under the table because he didn't want to watch "all the kissing." Can I tell you how mad, sad, crazy mad, digusted, mad, appalled and mad I was??! The worst part was that he couldn't tell me exactly where he was and his stupid Dad wouldn't take the phone and talk to me. Men can be amazingly cruel and willfully stupid. He's an asshat. You are a sweetheart that deserves better and if you need someone to vent with, email me anytime.

  7. Hey girl! You know we've got your back :) and sadly too many of us (along with our precious lil ones) have been thru several of these events. Teaching my son how to take care of himself especially when it came to medications and emergencies (asthma etc) plus how to handle his inconsiderate dad actually worked to develop a very responsible,and surprisingly emotionally stable young man! I know it is the most helpless feeling to send your sweet boy off and count the minutes until you get him back home. Definitely heed Deb's advice and do something for yourself every day! We all need that one!! Your in my thoughts daily sweetie and I'm putting good vibes out in the universe for ya!! Luv, Beth

  8. I hope things turn out better for you! Sending you hugs!

  9. What an a**hole! Seriously? What the heck are wrong with men? I am so sorry you had to go through that. They can be so stupid. I have told my husband if something ever happens to him I am going ot be a lonly old lady with cats. hehe. This will definitely make you stronger. Happy 4th girl!

  10. hard times shouldn't have to get harder. though you will walk out of all this as a warrior.
    brightest blessings.

  11. grrrr.... what a bummer. You can call me if you want, I will be home later tonight... you have my number..,


  12. I am sure each and everyone who follows your blog wishes they were there with you to give you a big hug and help you at this time in your life, you have certainly been hit from all sides. I along with many have been in that boat, it is a very challenging time and I spent many a weekend crying. Onwards and upwards you are a strong girl and a much better person than your ex. Take time for yourself and vent to your hearts content, we are all here for you in spirit.
    Sandi xo

  13. Since I am fairly new friend and have not had a chance to catch up I had no idea you were going through this horrible situation. My heart goes out to you honey because I too have been through it and you just are lost.
    Know that I am here 24/7 for you and if you need to call me I will give you my number and I think you have my email.
    What a jerk to bring his girlfriend along. Sorry I know he is still your husband but don't even get me started on cheating husbands and our government I go absolute insane.
    Let us know what we can do to help you.
    Will of course prayer for you

  14. Thank you for coming by my my prayers.

  15. Soo soo sorry to hear this! My heart is with you! THank-you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! cherry

  16. I'm so sorry that you are going thru this... just know your blogging buddies are here for you anytime!!! hugs~~~Daphne

  17. Dear Sweet friend, I had no idea you were going through all this especially right after your mom's passing. I too have been exactly where you are right now and remember sitting all alone my fisrt 4th of July weekend as a newly divorced women, just sobbing. I remember thinking I would never be happy again and what an A**hole my former husband was! Well I'm here to tell you, it will get better and you will feel good again, I promise you!
    My sweet friend, I am sending you a huge hug right now.
    Please hang on tight to are worth it!

  18. my dear! i am SO sorry with everything going on with you! :(
    I know this isnt going to change anything but i had to pick another winner for the $40 giveaway CSN was hosting and you won! :)
    i will be emailing you shortly!

  19. So sorry to hear what you are having to endure, but isn't it nice knowing you have so many bloggy friends?! Keep your chin up! Twyla

  20. I was posting, and frankly venting and "poof", I lost you!

    Email me,,,,I get the impression you live relatively close,,,,,Lets DO lunch or dinner whe you have time! We'll chat,,,,I'll be "the big sister, Aunt, third party!"


  21. hey sweets,
    eeekkk its all awesome!!!
    love all the colors!!
    hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  22. Hi, As I stated on another psot, I am new to your blog, but I find myself wanting to help "hold you up" right now.....I don't know what to say....this is so very sad for you....but I wish for you a new journey of self loving! It is so hard to love ourselves...I am still not there, but I find that is the basis of a healthy human being....take care and know I am sending positive thoughts and prayers for you! Sandy @ 521 Lake Street


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