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Saturday, September 18, 2010

.Autumn Is Almost Here.......A LATE FREE Image Friday.

Hi Dear Friends!
Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. Spring is the other. I love everything about this Season, it ignites the senses!! The riotous color of leaves, so bright and beautiful. As a child I enjoyed the crackly sound they made when you walked on them. The smell of woodsmoke always brings back memories, the thin wisps rising from chimneys. Pumpkins, mums and scarecrows perched on door steps to welcome family and guests alike. Who doesn't thrill at the sight of a giant harvest moon??

However my most favorite, is the kitchen arts. My step-mom makes the BEST pumpkin bread ever!! It's a beautiful loaf, a rich orange color, moist and redolent with spices, it's synonymous with the fall. Let's not forget pumpkin butter, another delicious treat. Especially yummy on whole grain bread, maybe with a little smear of cream cheese. Remember the joy of those crisp and juicy apples. Pies, fritters, applesauce, cider and apple butter. Of course it wouldn't be Fall if we didn't mention the savory soups and stews. Whether you make them in a crock pot or they simmer away on the back of your stove. The whole house is perfumed with their yummy goodness.

So for those of you who like to share your Autumn bounty, whether a jar of preserves or spiced nuts, here are some labels for you to dress up your jars. I hope your season is warm and wonderful!!

Right click to enlarge, then left click to save................


  1. Oh, so wonderful, Jody! Fall is my very favorite time of year, too--and for all the reasons you so beautifully stated--loved reading every word!

    Thank-you for the beautiful vintage that acorn fairy the most, I think--I may have to use him on a card very soon!

    I always love visiting you...thanks for all you share & I hope your weekend is just wonderful!


  2. thank you once again for the beautiful autumn pictures. I love fall also. I use to make pumpkin soupe or pie, but I don't know pumpkin bread, I think I am going to look for a recipe, it sounds good!!

  3. I am in agreement with you about fall and spring...the moderate seasons are my favorites. Your description of pumpkin bread has made my mouth water...I think I need to dig out a recipe and make some soon. I love the labels you've shared Jody~they would make a fall food offering even more attractive.
    Hope your Sunday is peaceful.

  4. Jodi,

    I absolutely ADORE the Queen of the Sea bracelet! Did you make it? Do you sell them. I love, love, love it. Great job.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo Cath

  5. Your descriptions of fall food are making me hungry! I love the sights and sounds of fall - crisp leaves, wood fire, golden light. All of it!


  6. Thank you for sharing the fabulous graphics my friend!

    I'm in love with Fall! Love, Love, Love it!


  7. Thanks for sharing these. I am going to use them on my canned goods as labels.

  8. Jody..awesome labels for Fall!! I use to make Pumpkin bread for all..these would of been so cute on them!! I too love Fall..the smells..the taste and I love the colors!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Thank you for being so compasionate with me on my breakdown..It means a lot to me to have my girl friends in blogland supporting me!! I do feel better now..not perfect..just better..thanks again!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  9. Great images! TY. I will use the pumpkin image on a card soon. I am not the best cook. I do like to make breads though. :)
    Fall is my favorite time of year as well.

  10. great images, thanks, and thanks for your sweet comment today!!!

  11. I also LOVE the images you are sharing! Thank You!
    I'll have fun making something with to download them.
    deb :)

  12. I love spring, even more so summer but fall and winter are some seasons I really could do without.

  13. OMG, all the food you mentioned has made me hungry! I too love fall and just can't wait for cooler weather. Thanks so much for the lovely graphics!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  14. I too am enjoying all that Fall has to offer, it is such a nice long season of cozy everything! I made some muffins, and a great black bean soup, had my music on and with the lovely Fall light slanting in the windows, ate with my family, it was a wonderful moment of pure joy! It is time to slow down, after all the hustle of Summer, I love that!

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful labels and images, I will use them for sure.
    Have a blessed week!

  15. Hi Jody!
    Your Queen of the Sea bracelet is absolutely adorable! Did you make it with someone in mind? It makes me want to snatch it up and go by an outfit to go with it (perhaps a "mermaid" dress? lol)

    Thank you for sharing the images and the sensory images of the's a tough season for me. It was always the time of year when my mom and I would travel to fall festivals, go out west, Silver Dollar City, and share mulled cider, calico potatoes and caramel apples! A bittersweet time of year for sure, but my FAVORITE because it's so very colorful (at least here in the midwest!)

    Hugs and thanks,
    Paula Clare

  16. Hello. Beautiful Autumn images. This is my favorite season too! I also have some free images for Autumn and the holidays @ I like your blog. Have a nice day!

  17. My mother used to make a mouthwatering pumpkin bread with walnuts -- baked in coffee cans in the oven. I still have the recipe she gave me; it's written on, of all thing, a first-graders tablet with the dotted lines:) But ... it's just not the same as having her here. Still, I cherish the memory. Thanks for stirring that up for me with all your talk of autumn's best!


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