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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Gift of Age

In this day and age of "Beauty Miracles" lipo, pulls, tucks, pinches, lasers, and scalpels, every magazine, TV show, and ad tells us we need to look "young." Even if we are decades out of our 20's and firmly settled in middle age, such as I am. Although I loathe to admit it, I am guilty of wanting to look younger, although I feel 100 years old!!

Yet there is a part of me that thinks we should embrace our age and love ourselves as we are. I no longer have any grandparents, yet I loved them as they were. My grandfather's green eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled. I remember with great fondness seeing his work worn and calloused hands shaping the granite or marble he turned into beautiful markers. Whether wrapped around his coffee cup or clasped in prayer, I wouldn't wish them to look younger. My grandmother's hair turned white early. She had it "done" each week. She wore red lipstick and was very striking. She didn't try to color or change her hair, she didn't need to. I would have been aghast if either of them had suggested changing anything!! To me they were perfect!

It seems that our old people are no longer valued and respected as in the past. Lovely grey haired grandma's who stirred up soups or read stories, their hands covered in now delicate and paper thin skin. Whose gentle and aged faces were beautiful. The lines showing where years of smiles have been. Grandfathers like mine who would read me stories, and let me stay up late watching westerns until my eyes burned. Thinning hair still combed in the same style for years. His deep, rich, voice singing the songs of the "Inks Spots" to me.

Yes, I miss seeing little old ladies with hats firmly placed on their blue hair shopping at Five and Dimes. Always in dresses with their clip on earrings. They always had the smell of old time powder or perfume. I miss men holding open doors, making sure the lady always walked on the inside on the sidewalk, or helping her with her coat. Things I try and teach my own sons.

It instills great joy in me when I see two old people holding hands. Having a great love that has spanned years. The kind that has outlived fads, hard times and great changes. I hope for all of you love of family, friends, lack of want, and good health!



  1. What a lovely post, you are so right!
    I struggled with my age for a while until I remembered an interview with the first female editor of the 'Guardian' newspaper, a sprightly 80 year old who said 'the years after 60 were the best in her life'.
    I think I'm starting to agree.

  2. What a lovely story! And you are so right.I love thinking about the old days, they were the best days....Kathy

  3. What a great post! The little things you mentioned like men opening doors for ladies and helping them with their coats is all but gone anymore. And you are right, there is something so special about seeing an older couple holding hands and still very much in love after all those years together! Happy Labor Day to you!

  4. Your post has touched me so deeply -- I too remember these things but could not put it into words as you have -- thank you!

  5. What an absolutely poignant post!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!


  6. I so agree! Yes, I'd like to look younger and I'm not always happy with the signs of aging I see daily...I do think we put way too much emphasis on looking younger and more than that, looking perfect. It is really rather appalling.

    Thanks so much for this post!


  7. Great story! I so hear what you are saying. Sometimes I think we are all getting crazy and not see things that are really important and cover them with silicons and make-up

  8. Wow! What an amazing blog you have!
    I`m leaving mesmerized with the free graphics and art that you so beautifully do...
    Thanks for sharing... can`t wait to be back soon!


  9. Hi! Me again!
    Thanks for your lovely comment... I will let you know when I`m off buying again... and I will invite you over to come with me!Lol
    A butty means sandwich.
    I`m off to bed now... Wishing you a lovely day ahead!
    Speak to you soon!


  10. That is beautiful, I am finding that a few blog friends are talking about very similar things. Perhaps it is time the tide turned and we go back to the lovely age of respect and gratitude and the simplier things of life. I am also firmly settled in middle age (although i still feel about 25, I will never grow up) and am happy aging gracefully (well I hope gracefully) no nips and tucks for me. I had a wonderful grandma who made me feel so loved, gosh I do miss her, I was very lucky to have her up until 10 years ago. I saw an elderly couple just last week walking along holding hands, I must admit I got a tear in my eye.
    Hugs to you today, Sandi xx

  11. What a delightful, lovely and very wise post! It brought a smile to my lips and to my heart as I enjoyed it :o)


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