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Thursday, January 6, 2011

FREE image Friday............................

Happy almost weekend All!

Guess what?? Yep. I am still behind!! Ugh! I had a leak and my kitchen is DRENCHED! So , I will still won't be able to catch up with you as soon as I wish. It's like a comedy or something! I will be busy with the repair people. *sigh*

Since I have missed a few "Free Fridays" I am adding a few extras this week. Remember I would LOVE to see anything you make with the images from here and hi-light your blog.

You know those friends that you have, the kind that you can not talk to for a long time and then when you see each other it's like you were never apart?? That's what you and your blogs are like to me. Such warmth.

Please enjoy this week's choices, and I hope you have a great weekend!

From my home and heart to yours,


  1. O I just love the contrast between the first and the second picture! Thanks a lot for sharing again those beautiful images! Have a nice weekend!

  2. I could smell Lily of the Valley and theres only your picture around.
    Good luck with the plumbers, hope your leak is soon fixed.

  3. oh these are all sooo gorgeous especially the first one! i can't wait to use some of them!

  4. Love these images! Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend, Nan

  5. These are beautiful. Thank you. You have a nice weekend also. Carol

  6. Love the lily of the valley and little girls images! Thanks.
    Happy weekend!
    deb :)

  7. Those friends are my very favorite kinds of friends, Jody--thanks for being one of them for me!

    Love the images you shared today--each beautiful in it's own wonderfully vintage way.

    Good luck with the leak--sorry you're having to go through that, my friend! Hope you're feeling better, though--get lots of rest (if you can!)


  8. Thank You for Sharing these Lovely Images!
    I found you through Carol Anne!
    Have a WOnderful Weekend!

  9. found my way here via "my Vintage Studio' and I love your blog! I shall be following for sure!

  10. These are so lovely...thank you!

  11. The Lily of the Valley remind me of my step grandma, she had a huge patch growing and if you were lucky she would pick a little bunch.
    Gosh I hope your repairs sort themselves out without too much cost and interuption.
    Yes blog friends are like that arn't they.
    x Sandi

  12. Oops I think I did something wrong,my message disappaered I think. I just wanted to tell you I put a card with one of you beautifull images on my blog, I would love it if you come by.

  13. Oh dear Jody "The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow, ..betcha' bottom dollar.... tomorrow..... there'll be sun".

    Hugs to you sweet lady,


  14. Hi Jody,
    I didn't know that you have been sick...I hope you'll be
    feeling better soon!!!!
    Happy 2011!!!!

  15. Jody, You are so gracious to share these images in such an easy way to view and choose. I am printing the last image to use in Valentines I am making. I think the colors are just lovely. Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

  16. Jody, Oh what a lovely and fun blog!
    Such beautiful graphics... Thank you for sharing ~Mary~ :-}

  17. Oh my gosh! These are gorgeous! Thank you!

  18. have a very lovely blog. I enjoyed it this morning. Susan


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