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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I AM RICH!! and WHAT are you making Wednesday?.................and a GUEST

Hey It's ME!!! Remember me??
I remember you!!! Although now I must let you that I am a multi millionaire. Yep. It MUST be true, it was on the internet. So far not less that 15 people have contacted me saying I am owed MILLIONS. Amazing how total strangers want to give me, little ol' me, who knows no-one in Africa, or India HUGE amounts of cash. As a matter of fact I may now own parts of Africa. My wealth allegedly totals around 45 million. YET almost everyday, another total stranger wants to send me money.

Don't worry, I will remember all the little people, who knew me before a was a gajillionaire. Oh, yeah I also have a date tonight with Elvis. The aliens returned him!!

That's what those annoying little letters are when you leave comments on a some blogs. They help block spam to your e-mail.

I am still fiercely behind. I do want to share with you some gorgeous items made with images from this blog! They are SO yummy!!

You can find them on Etsy and on this lovely BLOG.

I miss you all!!!
From my home and heart to yours,


  1. Wow! What a beautiful creations!

  2. oh sure know how to make a girl's heart sing! Merci...merci for your very sweet post and your kind words about my creations. It is only because you so generously share these lovely images that i am able to be inspired! :)

  3. I get those emails all the time! If only ther were true...

  4. Whoops! "If only they were true..."

  5. O it isthe same here, I must be sooooo rich! all those people whop die with nobody to heritate, and those kind lawers thonking of me...
    Beautiful thong you made! Nice to see you here again!

  6. Oh Jody, congratulations on all your new found wealth!! So happy for you.....I have 7 people searching for me, and one of them is an ex! LOL
    Don't ya just LOVE spam?!!!!

    Love the beautiful creations!

  7. Such a funny post! So that is why we are tortured to decipher if a "q" is a "p"! I just love the bracelet you made in your previous post. I wish I could wear such things. They are so beautiful! Hope you are having a great week! Elizabeth

  8. Just came by to say HI..
    You have been making some very pretty things!

  9. Pretty things you made dear lady....thanks for sharing them with us.



  10. Oh my goodness Jody THEY are driving me bonkers too! I should own 15 houses by now at the rate I'm going with all this supposed money coming my way! Brother! I keep blocking them but they keep coming. It's so annoying. Thanks for the giggle. I know I'm not alone!
    Big hugs,

  11. I can not tell you how rich I feel at this moment for being able to open your site. This is the first time it has opened for me in months. I am now having the same problem with Donna at Brynwood Needleworks.
    So hope I can come back tonight and it opens for me so I can catch up with you.
    Glad to hear your fifthy rich. lol


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