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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Face of Dwarfism

I LOVE the happiness my youngest son exudes. He is well loved and knows it. We have no history of dwarfism on either side of his family. The experts at Children's Hospital told us that they found that 80% of children with dwarfism were born to fathers over 40. True in our case. Still, I have never felt ashamed of him. To the contrary it makes him all the cuter. Being a "little person" or "LP" really has never been much of an issue yet. You run into the occasional "uneducated" (a nice way to say rude) person. I hate the word "midget" however. It is hurtful and derogatory. I am not really crazy about "dwarf" either. He is just a little boy....... A short little boy. Not a caricature from a Disney film. The LP community accepts that "dwarf" is an acceptable title. If anyone has a right to decide, they do. As he gets older though, it gets a bit tougher. He is the height of an 18 month old child, even though he is 6. He is little among the little!! I worry about when he starts school, his safety, other kids, other parents, well, EVERYTHING!!

I LOVE this picture taken last year with a clown at the Thomas the Tank Engine event last year. He was SO happy. He is crazy for Thomas!! He looks so much like my dad his grandpa. My little guy has to have an operation on his eyes. I have also decided as I get older, I am going to become a professional clown. I can wear LOTS of make-up, so people have to work harder to guess my age!!


  1. Your son has so much light in his face--so much joy! What an beautiful boy...I love his smile! Thank-you for sharing his story today. Being a clown sounds like a pretty good idea to me, too!

    Hope you have a wonderful day today!


  2. This is the 3rd time I have tried to leave a comment, so they may all show up at once. As mothers we can't help but to want the best for our children. We want a world where they are free to dream and be accepted as the individuals they are.

  3. Your son is beautiful. I am so about "awareness" as I have a son with mental handicaps.
    I am a clown, so if you need any advice come my way.
    Hug that sweet boy for me.

  4. he is such a cutie!!!! I think now with shows on showing how they excel he will do fine...there are alot of supporting people, but I know there is always some mean person...whats important is he is loved and he knows that he is perfect...God doesn't make mistakes.

  5. I remember how hurt I felt when people commented in a mean way about my daughter's disfiguring birthmark. She was such a cute baby, I just couldn't understand how they couldn't see past her mark to her real beauty. She has grown up to be very unconcerned about the rather large and obvious scar, and I'm so proud of her self assured happiness and outgoing personality. Kids are amazingly tough.

    Your son is adorable and is lucky to have you as his Mom, just as you are lucky to have such a bright and happy boy. Thanks for sharing your treasure with us.

  6. What a lovely boy you've got. I,m sure he will bring some special moments into your life.
    I have spent the last 16 years bringing up my grandson, singlehanded. He has ADD, sometimes its been tough but its been a joy!

  7. Your son is very cute :) I love his smile.
    My sister was a aquajester(?) many years ago.I forgot her clown name. She enjoyed it. I should post a picture sometime.
    Deb :)

  8. Your son is beautiful. Who could not help but to fall in love with his sweet smile and beautiful sparkling eyes! He must bring you such joy!
    Hugs, Carol Anne xo

  9. THat is one DARLING boy you have there! CUTE CUTE CUTE.. and boy , he really does look like is Grandpa in that photo.
    I miss my boys being that age so much!

  10. What a handsome little boy! All I can say is we usually end up worring "too much" about our kids because they have there own way of reaching peoples hearts. I suspect he will charm everybody! Love the picture. Hugs, Pearl

  11. Jody, I am so happy to have found your lovely blog again. I found you while visiting the studio tours. I love this post about your son. I think you have expressed yourself very well, a brave thing to do. You seem to have "got it" as I like to say to the individuals I work with who have disabilities. It's not until you truly embrace what is unique about yourself and make use of every tool available to reach your goals that you can declare, "What Disability!" I think your son makes your life interesting, and I am all about interesting. Lots of challenges ahead, but oh my gosh, the rewards are going to take you to Cloud Nine! Elizabeth PS I have signed up as a Follower so that I don't loose you again!

  12. Your son is adorable! He looks like a happy guy . . . He is such a beautiful blessing, and a gift from God to you!

  13. Ive said it before and I will say it again.. ADORABLE boy with so much to offer... xo xo Bryanna

  14. Ohhh he is gorgeous, and you can tell how loved he is too. Thanks for sharing all you share, you have a lovely blog
    hugs June xxx


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