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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Are You Making Wednesday?

Another week has passed so quickly!! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Spring so far!!! Here is this Wednesday's post. However I made it about two months ago, so I am cheating a bit!! (Don't tell anyone, okay?) I have no idea what to do with the stuff I make. I just enjoy creating. I may get brave and try Etsy. If you have any advice, I'd love for you to share it!!
Also, please keep watching because I am going to be posting sneak peaks of extras that will be sent with my bracelet giveaway. If you haven't commented for a chance to win, just click my giveaway button on the right!! See you soon in this amazing place called Blogland!!


  1. Oh! another gorgeous bracelet! Love it. I don't think you should be afraid of starting an Etsy shop...really, you have the unique merchandise (which is really the hard part), you already have photography skills and writing skills! All you might need help with is getting the Paypal set up and working out the shipping costs (it's a bit of a headache, but once it's set, its' set!)
    Smiles, Karen

  2. Oh Jody that bracelet is beautiful!
    I love it!
    My favorite color too!
    You are amazing..... you create such beautiful jewelry!
    Don't be scared....go for it!
    Start an Etsy..... you have nothing to lose!
    You creations are wonderful!
    And we are all here to back you!

    Take that step girlfriend!
    Happy Hugz,

  3. Gorgeous bracelet!! Love how you make these!
    I am sure you would do well on Etsy.. like Dolly said... but totally understand the first step would be the hardest...
    Lou xx

  4. oh this is stunning! i love it ...all the detailing....and esp. the personal favourite!

    well done!
    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  5. I know! I'm wondering about starting an etsy too but just can't take that first step! Shall we start together? lol

    Your creations are just beautiful! You need to let the whole world know!

  6. you make such lovely things! yes, Etsy would be a good place to start!


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