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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beauty In Bloom

I must admit I LOVE flowers. I also have ten black thumbs. If there was a law against killing plants I would be serving Life without possibility of parole. No matter my good intentions, I am a plant homicidal maniac. My "Most Wanted" picture is surely in every plant post office. I remember as a kid seeing women who put those REALLY tacky plastic plants in their yard. I am sure they killed their plants too. We must be related.

However,I am SO grateful my ancient, beautiful,snowball bush is alive. During the hard Winter a few years ago, the weight of the snow felled this gorgeous bush. As soon as Spring arrived we propped it up, staked it with ropes, and prayed. It made it! It is a third of the size, but I am just happy it made it.

This old time-y bush holds a special place in my heart. My beloved maternal grandparents had one in their tiny little yard, next to their tiny little yellow post war cottage. I would pick a few of the blossoms, just like these, and carry them up the brick red steps to my grandma. I have many great memories from there. This beloved plant will be sorely missed when I move.


  1. Hello! What a lovely blog you have! I have enjoyed reading your posts this evening. I am so glad you have decided to join us all here in Blogland. I just realized I already know you from Flickr. Can't wait to read more of your charming and clever posts!
    p.s. I have 3 boys, too! :)

  2. Hello talented lady!!
    I totally enjoyed reading your blog and love your sense of humor!
    We have a huge rosebush like yours and it got so heavy it broke the trellis arch it was growing on! Over the years I lovingly wove the growing branches thru the trellis til it was so high and heavy it fell over and broke. Many thorn scratches later my husband had it cut down to about 3 feet and its growing like crazy again! Still have not found a STURDIER trellis for it yet!
    ANyway if you can grow a gorgeous rosebush like yours you definitely have a green thumb!
    One more thing - every year my neighbor puts pink plastic geraniums in her planter boxes and they look so real I wouldnt know unless she told me! They make them so realistic these days.
    Thanks so much for sharing and I'll be back again soon!!

  3. OK so I am very, very new at this blogging business and just came across your blog, its adorable! Hopefully someday mine could be this cute, I still don't know exactly what I'm doing nor what people are looking for in a blog, but this is inspiring. Now I do know the thing to do is become a Follower so here I am, following;)

  4. Hi Jody~
    Your snowball bush is beautiful! Last year I got a bridal wreath spirea shrub which is almost like a miniature version of this bush. Your vignette is lovely...I drooled over the jar of white them!


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