My Beautiful New Grandson

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Miss You

How excited am I to find New Friends??? Thank you so much for your visits and comments! I am setting up a new Home Sweet Home, so I won't be on the computer much for a week! Please don't forget me! I won't forget you! I even left post it notes around to remind myself. I need all the help I can get!! :-)


  1. Hi I hope you saw my blog and my Thank You I sent through Swap Bot. I just love everything and JJ was thrilled with his goodies, too. I hope you are well... if you need anything please just let me know!
    Thanks again!

  2. So glad I found your lovely blog tonight, Jody--we even have the same background--isn't it gorgeous?!

    Good luck with your move...I'm your newest follower & I'll be back often to say hello...

  3. Hello! I am over here from Bryanna's blog. Is she not just the sweetest thing? And talented beyond belief!
    Yes, this blogging thing is quite addictive - just like crafting. Once you start . . . you are DOOMED!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the blog . . . I'll be back.
    Have a great day!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds


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