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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Before and After

How does this happen?? In a blink of an eye a precious child goes from a baby, to Kindergarten, to High School, to Manhood. As he grows big and handsome, and more importantly good, you don't understand how it happened so fast!! How can I remember the day he was born, his first smile, his first "mama" and yet not remember where I put my purse?

I truly believe time goes by faster when you have children. You don't want to get older. You don't want THEM to get older. Yet when you see them growing into honest, capable young men, you can't help but feel a great sense of pride. Your age is marked by their milestones. I clearly remember after my First son was born, every time I saw another mother, I felt akin to her. As if Motherhood was a sacred secret, a secret all woman have, that is only revealed once they become a Mother. I smiled at every woman with a child. I too knew the secret.

I think the biggest surprise to me is, I still worry about my kids just as much as when they were toddlers. Well, probably more. I won't be there all the time. It is hard to let go of that hand. Even though that hand is no longer a chubby little one.


  1. Such beautiful thoughts tonight...I completely understand...been feeling those same thoughts alot lately. My oldest girl is twenty...where have the years gone? I love your last line about the chubby little hand...I think that all the time.

    Hope you're having a wonderful night!


  2. Oh my heart is sighing! My oldest is 8 years old and so full of energy, I wonder if i will ever have enough to make sure he is ok. Your son and his date are darling! You are very blessed! Please stop by and say hi!

  3. Sigh--I will have those thoughts one day. What a handsome young man! Right now for me its those potty training days, temper tamtrums on the floor--kicking and land is so much easier and QUIET!LOL! She hasn't stopped talking since we walked in the door at 6pm and it's 8:30! But I love those sticky kisses :) Time for bed-both of us.

  4. OH.. SO glad you came by my blog and left a comment so I could come over and see your pretties! What a absolutely gorgeous blog!
    I will definatly be coming back for more visits!


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