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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Listen to Your Mother!!

As I was perusing the the wonderful Blog world today, I realized we are all doing exactly what our mom's told us not to do! We also may be guilty of saying it ourselves. "So what if everyone is doing it!" "If everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too?!!"
Yep you guessed it, we're following!!!
Thank goodness mom is wrong on this one!

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  1. Well first of all, let me just say, you received a wonderful swap!
    Second let me say, you have such an awesome attitude for your boys. When you posted in my blog (about RESPECT) that your boys stand up to let someone have a seat, I thought wow this women is amazing! I have said this many times, when we have our little boy grandson's we are raising men, not just boys. You are a wonderful women for remembering that!
    Most sincerely, Terry
    PS thank you for following my blog!


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