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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Winner's Are......................

Oh the excitement!!!! After calculating the winner's using a very technical and advanced method, (names out of hat) WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!!!

Thank you SO much to all of you who entered. I am happy to meet new friends, and overjoyed to see familiar faces. You mean so much to me. I appreciate all your thoughtful and encouraging comments as well. I wish I could send something to everyone. I will be hosting giveaways regularly.

So without further ado, the TWO winners of the Hands of Friendship Necklaces are:

Please e-mail me your addresses ladies so I can get them into the mail next week. Remember there is still time to enter for the BLISS bracelet giveaway, which will be on November 1st.

Monday I will be posting the final giveaway. I LOVE it so much ( if I do say so myself) it will be hard to part with it!! An all time fave!! Hey, you gals are worth it!!! So please watch for it!!!


  1. Woohoo! I was so excited to see my name. I can't wait. :)

  2. Wow, you lucky girls! Congrats!
    Don't know Cindy but I follow Heather and her superbeautiful cards for some time now and am happy for her!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! You are two very lucky ladies!

  4. congratulations to the lucky, lucky ladies!

  5. Congratulations girls, my heart was beating in anticipation!!
    Hugs to you Jody xx

  6. I had to keep looking at my name!! I WON! I am soooo excited. Thank you so much, Jody! I can't wait to get my beautiful necklace! I agree with everyone.. I am a lucky lady!!

  7. Your gievaways are such fun. Can't wait to see the next one. Congratulations to Heather and Cindy.

  8. Oh, what lucky winners! They are such beautiful necklaces, Jody!



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